I’ve never really run during pregnancy before. For one reason or another it’s never been a possibility or a priority. This time around I’m giving it a whirl. Things around the house have been crazy this summer with the kids home and having a 40 minutes of alone time to run through the day’s stresses is too valuable to give up. (Truth be told I often have Blueberry with me, but she’s quiet as she watches the world go from her little stroller.)

I am only 12 weeks pregnant and I suppose as time goes on running may turn into walking but I am giving myself a big old pat on the back for running through the nausea. Oh the nausea…

gin ginFor anyone currently pregnant, or anyone who ever gets pregnant again, I introduce you to Gin-Gins, little ginger candies that have helped with nausea. They. are. GOLDEN. nuggets. I am a puke 4-5 times a day pregnant lady, since I’ve bought these I have been a maybe 1, if at all, puking pregnant lady. I have a tear in my eye for the joys of gin-gins. They make a hard candy and a chewy candy; the chewy candy has more of the sharp ginger flavor and seem to do the trick for me. I bought them at a natural food store and I recommend them to preggo women everywhere!

Now I have a question… To have a doula or to not have a doula. Long story (which I will probably share later) short I have pretty much decided I want to have a doula for this pregnancy. Anyone with experience using a doula?? Any specifics I should ask or know??

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A whole lot of nothing.

Summer time… filled with really important things like crayons, oatmeal and sketches of Amelia Bedelia… and other beloved cartoon characters. Anything that will take my mind off of feeling like poo. I was really hoping baby #4 would spare me morning sickness 24 hours a day. This little one already has received 2 demerits for the constant nausea. Soon he’ll be getting yellow lights on his calendar chart!! Kidding… I am happy to make a comfy little home and can’t wait to see his little face!

(No, I have no idea if its a boy. I have been calling the baby a “he” since I got pregnant, actually, since before I got pregnant I just felt like we were missing a little boy. For all I know its a girl. I should probably quit calling it a boy until I know… I can already see the therapy bills for the poor kid.)

I have nothing intelligent to post today. Not a huge surprise, when I am nauseous I can’t read and don’t want to stare at a computer monitor. I have watched more late night TV in the last week than I care to think about… None of it is very good and all of it costs me brain cells. I always resort to my Golden Girls DVDs, I should just start with those and skip the hassle.

Moving on… Here is the crayon melting experiment we did today: Peaches, Finch and I decided to melt down some of the crayon pieces that take up the bottom layer of the crayon box. At a minimum it was an interesting way to burn an hour. I didn’t have any fun shapes to melt them in so I just did cupcake tins to make big crayon circles. Blueberry thinks they are wonderful, big crayons for her little hands. It’s a nice way to recycle something I’d normally just throw away.











Here are some dazzling drawings and coloring I did, stayed in the lines and everything. I am thinking I am going to get out some of my old favorite vintage children’s books and recreate some of my favorite illustrations, at least the easy ones. It would be a neat idea for a baby room if I can do it right.









Here are some more photos of the kids. Blueberry was holding onto Finch for dear life because in the far, far, FAR distance someone was mowing their lawn. This is the same child that climbs on top of the vacuum while its on and screams WEEEEE! Kids..


























And, for good measure some oatmeal. 1. Because I’m hungry and 2. Because I’m hungry.



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A request for Meriam!

ImageMy heart is breaking for Meriam Ibrahim. We need to act. I have a request.

I don’t know why the media and our government isn’t doing more. My intent for this post was to blow off some steam about the whole thing. Rant and rave over the injustice and my disgust. That was really not going to offer a solution and it sure isn’t going to help Meriam or Pastor Saeed, or anyone else facing imprisonment or death for their Christian Faith.

Meriam is facing flogging very soon if something isn’t done immediately. She is shackled to a bed with her baby Maya. Can you imagine, as a parent, being in her shoes? I can’t help but cry when I think about it.

We need an immediate outpouring of prayer for her release. Prayer can change EVERYTHING. So I am asking all my Christian brothers and sisters, Catholic and Protestant alike, to pray for Meriam everyday.

To my Catholic brothers and sisters, I am starting a Novena today with a rosary and this prayer below. I ask you to please pray this Novena with me.

To my Protestant brothers and sisters, I ask that you pray this prayer or one similar to it for the special intention of Meriam everyday until her release.

Who is with me?? Share this, pass it on, whatever it takes so we can all pray together.

Lord, I pray that You surround Meriam Ibrahim with the loving peace that only You can offer. I pray You fill her soul with the strength and courage necessary to endure the challenges that have been placed at her feet. Breathe into her Your love so she may feel Your warmth and see Your light even during her darkest hours. I pray for her immediate release and safety.

Lord, I pray that you pour Your light into the hearts, souls and minds of all those holding Meriam, and any other person, captive because of their Christian faith. I pray that you will break down the barriers that ignorance and hate have put up and allow these captors to know your infinite love and compassion. I pray they see the error of their ways and make right this terrible injustice.

Lord, I pray for Maya. I pray for peace and strength within her tiny body as she shines Your light for Meriam. I pray for her health and her protection.

Lord, I pray for the Christian community throughout the world. I pray for their strength and courage to speak Your word even in the face of evil. I pray that we are able to come together as one and pray for Meriam, Pastor Saeed and any other Christian facing imprisonment or death for their faith.

Through You all things are possible. Amen.




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Horrifying Finch

I inherited from my father wild eyebrows. Its only right to have them waxed, a small indulgence for the good of myself and all those forced to look at me. Normally I don’t take the kids but its summer time and they are a part of the daily errands package. Seeing Finch in the little waxing room staring at me in horror as the hot wax and hair is being ripped from my eyebrows was worth the trip.

Yesterday I had an OB appointment for the baby and it turns out it was one of those get undressed and we’re going to look in every nook and cranny you have type appointment. I had the three kids with me. At first the nurse seemed a little annoyed that a mother would have to take her small children to a doctors appoint – the audacity. When I was handed the little paper gown I looked over at Finch. He was stuck in a small room with his mom who has just been told to undress for her vaginal ultrasound. His face was painted in horror.

I assured him he was going to stand outside the door with Peaches for the appointment…

Today we went to the YMCA where he had two options, the daycare with his sisters or class with me. He chose the class… I had no idea what was being offered but when we walked in the room and saw it being set up for step aerobics I quickly looked at Finch for his reaction – his gaze was filled with horror. Things only got better when the instructor with a full face of makeup, silver jazzercise pants and a fanny pack yelled into her microphone a big welcome to the “little guy in the back”.

That look of horror will never get old. Love my Finch!photo

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Random thoughts …
1. We went to a Renaissance Fair last weekend. It was interesting…to say the least. Here are the three little sweet buns…Image-12. How ‘dangerous’ can deli meat really be during pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Finch and Peaches I was never warned of the dangerous listeria that could be lurking in the turkey between my gluten free bread amidst my organic cucumber slices. They are always coming out with things to worry about… (‘They’ being I don’t know who…) I just read an article, albeit a stupid article, that handshaking can be as dangerous as smoking. Call it child endangerment but I’ll risk both handshakes and turkey sandwiches.

3. My goal for this pregnancy is to hear the baby’s heartbeat before I am forced to wear maternity clothes. Upon conception I expand 2 pant sizes. Time is quickly running out on this one….

4. Gummy prenatal vitamins. Awesome.

5. I just finished reading an article about a new show on Lifetime called “Born in the Wild”. The show features women who choose to give birth in outdoor, scenic locations with no doctors or even shelter. Interesting concept, not for me.

I understand that the doctors and nurses up in your business (literally) can take away from the “experience”. When I was having Blueberry my doctor had a line of residents at his heels. After being induced, having 12 hours of unrelenting Pitocin and no pain meds I was not about to welcome their inexperienced curiosity. I am all for learning but in that instance, I was dangerous.

I’d like to have a more private labor and delivery but in the wilderness where mosquitoes can bite my buns just isn’t for me.

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Another Bun in the oven

Pregnant again. Four weeks ago when I peed on the stick and saw the plus sign I was elated. Deep, deep, deep down below the overbearing nausea, vomiting and instantaneous waistline expansion I am still elated. This little one is a blessing and will add wonderful balance to our family. Blueberry will have a little person to make mischief with and the rest of us get to dote on another baby.

The kid’s last day of school was Friday. It will be an interesting summer: me, a puke bucket and a house full of ADHD and chaos. My only option is to embrace the crazy I suppose… I just keep telling myself, “I feel great, I feel wonderful and wine is only 9 months away…”

Peaches constantly asks if I feel any kicking yet. I explain to her that the baby is the size of a raspberry and I won’t feel anything for a while – an hour later, same question. And, while excited about the baby, Finch recently learned the inner workings of how conception happens and is disgusted that mom and dad have done that for the fourth time…

Pretty exciting stuff to begin the summer. Looking forward to sharing our new adventure as it unfolds.


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Rodger’s Disdain for Women

stop objectification of womenWhile headlines will scream for gun control reform after Elliot Rodger’s killing spree I think it is important to take a step back and look a little closer at Rodger’s disdain for women. We live in a culture where the sexual objectification of women is championed and a complete disregard for the value of human life is trendy. Make no mistake, this isn’t about guns. This story is another tragic consequence of the cultural bed we have made.

According to reports Rodgers began watching pornography at age 12. There is little doubt that some, if not most, of the porn was littered with violent scenarios including sadomasochism, bondage and rape. After all, it’s just a fantasy, right? A fantasy where complete, violent, sexual dominance over a women is the stuff dreams are made of…

In today’s society pornography is a celebrated outlet for salacious entertainment. Its abundance and acceptance into the mainstream affirms two current cultural mindsets. One, that the complete sexual objectification of women is not only acceptable, its encouraged. And two, that sex is a right that has no limitations or consequences. Rodgers saw sex as his right and saw women as objects that should be used to fulfill his demented desires.

Critical opinions of pornography are rarely taken seriously but its content seems to do more damage than we are willing to acknowledge. As porn takes up more bandwidth sexual assaults are happening at an alarming rate. According to RAINN every 2 minutes another American is sexually assaulted. Consequences of sexual activity such as unplanned pregnancy are addressed through a demand for unrestricted abortion –  yet another example of the objectification of a human being.

The new world order that Rodger describes in his ‘manifesto’ suggests killing off all women through starvation in concentration camps but rationally keeping a few women in labs to breed for the continuation of the human race. Statistically speaking half of the conceived children would be female; ironically, even in this instance, another cultural norm supports his bizarre mindset. Society’s blind acceptance of abortion would allow Rodgers to continue his killing spree through gender-based abortion killing as many females as he deemed adequate.

Sadly, it seems as though the current culture and legislation supports more of Rodger’s twisted perspectives than it denounces. We tout sex as a right, demand abortion as necessary and offer women’s lib under a disguise of sexual objectification. Are we really surprised by the consequences?

While I know that no one in the media will allow pornography or our complete disregard for human life to seriously come into question, I do know that this conversation is necessary and long overdue. As long as we only allow these situations to only be platforms for gun control we are missing the big picture.


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